Research Priorities of the Institute

  • Regulatory support in the field of civil protection, fire and technogenic safety.
  • Advanced training of management staff and specialists in the field of civil protection, fire and technogenic safety.   
  • Ensuring the technogenic and fire safety of facilities and settlements.   
  • Public administration in the field of civil protection   
  • Organising of civil protection measures for the population of territorial communities in the context of local self-government reforms.
  • Application of aviation emergency response and aviation search and rescue.
  • Conducting research on the methodology development for the efficiency evaluation of the operation of testing and research laboratories of the territorial bodies of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
  • Conducting research on adapting the monitoring of fires and their consequences in Ukraine to the national system of sustainable development goals. 
  • Determination of fire hazard indicators of substances and materials, cable products, quality indicators of fire extinguishers and fire-resistant materials, fire-fighting equipment, etc.
  • Monitoring research on the Institute’s education quality and development of internal system of quality assurance of education.  
  • Conducting psychological and pedagogical research to upgrade the qualification of academic and teaching staff in the field of civil protection.