Educational activity

The educational process at the Institute is provided by seven departments:

Department of Organization of Civil Protection Measures; Department of Pre-Hospital Medical Training; Department of Language Training; Department of Fire Prevention and Life Safety; Department of Innovation, Information Activities in Education and Training on International Projects; Department of Aviation and Aviation Search and Rescue; Department of Public Administration in Civil Protection.

The Institute trains specialists at the second (master's) level of higher education in the specialties 261 “Fire Safety” and 281 “Public Administration”; at the third educational and scientific level of higher education in the field of knowledge 261 “Fire Safety” and 281 “Public administration”:

Also in the field of education the Institute conducts:

  • functional training (advanced training) in the field of civil protection;
  •  advanced training of management staff and specialists whose activities are related to the organization and implementation of measures on civil protection, senior staff of bodies and units of the civil protection service and management staff and specialists of the civil protection forces in the field of knowledge 26 “Civil Security”;
  • advanced training of teachers of “LS” and “CS” disciplines;
  • advanced training of civil servants of II - VII categories of “B” and “C” positions in civil protection in the field of knowledge 07 “Governance and Administration”;
  • training of fire safety officials;
  • special training (fire-technical minimum);
  • training in pre-hospital medical assistance of SES rescuers;
  • training on labor protection.

The educational process at the Institute of Public Administration and Research in Civil Protection is an intellectual, creative activity in the field of higher education and science, conducted through a system of scientific, methodological and pedagogical activities aimed at transferring, mastering, increasing and using knowledge, skills and other students’ competencies, as well as the formation of a harmoniously developed personality. Training is carried out both at the expense of the state budget and on a contractual basis with tuition fees for legal entities or individuals.